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Something or somebody ugly or disgusting in such a way that no other words can describe, if you see an ugly chick she is groody.
EW that girl is groody.

dude i just took a huge shit.
bro thats groody
by that really boss kid connor October 22, 2010
A woman's breasts i.e. tits. Originates from the novel "A Clockwork Orange".
She had the nicest set of groodies I'd ever seen.
by sampler February 12, 2003
(From Russian: grud) Breast.
"...the number sewn on the groody part just above the old tick-tocker..."
by Belisarius March 02, 2004
The feeling of moodiness grumpiness, combined!
She is So Groody!!
by zennedi September 08, 2010
describing a feeling of being tired mentally, and not wanting to use your mind fully.
I am way to groody to talk to people today....
Damn someone is hella grody today!
by Ashley s.b. Mo July 10, 2008