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An unit of measurement referring to an amount of leftover food that is too small to be a real portion size but too big to eat right then just to get rid of it. It is often a source of irritation after big meals or parties.
Example 1: Does anyone want to eat this grood of guacamole?

Example 2: I hate it when we have a grood of chips left after a party. We can't throw them out but nobody wants to eat them either.
by Newbia L. August 28, 2012
A mixture of both "great" and "good" used by the Cheerleader in Teen Girl Squad (issue/tissue#4). Seemingly originated from a spelling mistake by Strong Bad.
"Grood! I mean... good. And great. Great and good."
by Me. Who else?! September 17, 2003
a combination of something being great and good
the chicken was really grood
by Steve August 09, 2004
A mix of the word good and great, originating from "teen girl squad"
That was a grood try
by Greg B May 17, 2005
a combination of great and good, derived from homestarrunner
great! good! groood!!!
by loves March 11, 2005
Combo of good and great
Person 1: Hey thats pretty grood
Person 2: what does grood mean
Person 1: its a combo of good and great
Person 2: why would someone even combine the two
Person 1: *bitch slap*
by eddyeddyd March 17, 2009
The combination of good and great. Invented during an epic IM conversation.
Clayton is very very grood at sex.
by Kaylen May 18, 2012