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Area between your legs, whether male or female. Contains either the vagina or a penis and/or two (2) testicles. In certain cases (Ie, Rosie O'Donnel) may be found in combinations there-of.
"I like touching my groin in public"
by ClarenceT September 27, 2003
Somewhere below the waist I give attention to
I can't hang out today Rob, I already have plans with my groin
by Smileypotatoes March 04, 2010
the area that is often used for inflicting pain to males in wrestling matches; the area found underneath the abdomen and in between the legs which contains either the vagina for females or the penis and testicles for males
Big Show spread John Cena's legs and delivered a powerful punch to his groin the other night.
by ZeroPhantom September 30, 2005
something I pulled once, that felt so good I pulled it again, and again......
when wearing kevlar, the groin is the most important area of protection
by Mike January 18, 2005
female body parts between the legs, causes pain in female wrestlers
The Rock kicked Torrie in the groin, doubling her over in pain and allowing him to pin her.
by ronald3435 April 04, 2009
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