An overused, out-of-date phrase from he 70's expressing extreme gross-ness. A mixture of gross and disgusting.
Billybob: *looking at garbage* Man, that stuff is grody.

Steven: Why are you using an outdated slang word from the 70's?

Billybob: I dunno, man, peace and kitties...


Melissa: Ew, look at that snail!

Annie: That's GRODY!!
by CoolStoryChlo December 25, 2012
A 1980's throwback - to personify grossness.
That decomposing cow is so grody.
by Skarred Chainsaw September 23, 2012
A term when something is nasty or foul.
-Eww what is that smell?
-Is it your upper lip?
-No it's's grody.
by Rasta person May 05, 2011
A term used when someone is gross, weird, and ugly.
Ew. Look at her sweater; it is so grody.
by GrodyCreator October 03, 2010
A mixture of the words: Gross, Disgusting, & Raunchy. (Raunchy meaning anything dirty, or nasty, or just plain unlikable.)
shit, that girl Shaniqua be grody. She smell like coochie.
by BeeeeeeLee; August 01, 2009
1) the most terrible, gross, ugly, nasty, dirty, unapealing, foul thing in the universe.

2) the worst word ever created.
guy 1) Did you just see christina walk by?
guy 2) yea she grody!
by sharkweeeek August 03, 2011
nasty, unsatisfying, ewwy, yucky, dirty, Rhealene
Rhealene thinks Cameron is a grody person
by Dirty Dave Lee January 21, 2011
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