a combination of gross and disgusting. mainly used to describe hairy, ugly, smelly, lumpy and slimy people.
"stocker did you see that chick?"
"yeah dude she had a beard!"
"i know she's so grody"
by Stocker February 18, 2008
When you find something particularly nasty.
"God she has a grody sense of humor."

"DUDE, that's grody!"
by g.g.g. April 20, 2013
Grosser than gross.
Man, I just touched gum under my seat! How grody!
by noidontliketwilight February 21, 2011
Grody, (grow-dee) is a word describing anything gross, grimy, filthy, or dirty in a generally humorous manner.
Guy 1: "Did you see Dan's mustache for Movember? "

Guy 2: "I heard he gave out a few mustache rides, man that thing was grody."
by CLED5 December 17, 2009
Meaning gross or disgusting, unthinkably ewwwww, used by nasty perverted gym teachers who think that they are cool.
You have sushi for lunch, eww, that's so GRODY
by DDizzzzzzzleeeeee November 18, 2009
adjective. Used to describe something really gross, nasty, sick, or anything just all around disgusting.
Bob: Did I tell you jason's plumbing backed up and flooded his basement?

Joe: Ew, grody, man.
by Smashley O_o October 17, 2008
REAL fuckin gross; pretty nasty; ew; disgusting
ewww, your tomato soup with peppermint sticks looks GRODY!
by Samm DiTerlizzi September 21, 2006

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