gross and dirty
wow, that girl is grody
by kt September 30, 2003
A portmanteau that mixes gross, nasty, and disgusting to describe something as gross, nasty, and disgusting.
Ewwww!! The bird shit on my car is grody!!
by MizzFreddie January 09, 2010
Nasty as Crap
Hoe ass whore
Shannon is so grody, i think my penis fell off.
by tititititit August 31, 2008
A combination of gross and skody. Can also mean a skody person who makes you feel gross.
He's so grody, he just came up to me and asked if he could sniff my panties... I just about puked from the stench of his breath.
by Bloopy April 11, 2005
A preppy way of saying Gross.
Shelby:Like omg! Her outfit isn't from Hollister so its Grody!

Cassidy:Wtf? Grody?...Pfft,Preps.
by Chooooobaccoaaaa January 08, 2008
wierd, gross, strange
Ewww that shirt is grody
by chim chim March 14, 2005
A slang used by fresa putas, to describe something disgusting and unnatractive. Usually used by primped up latina putas in East L.A. when wanting to appear sophisticated and chic to others. Paris Hilton wanna bes use this term.
"eww, that guy is grody"
"she gots grody toes"
"that tuna sandwich looks grody."
"She has grody teeth".
by MariaAntonia July 16, 2006

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