Trashy, Dirty, Crusty, Foul, Sick Derrik Mogensen
Dude! Did you see Kathiryn's new boyfriend? He's so fuckin' Grody!
by KnNooZiE May 05, 2008
gross, rude, obnoxious, disturbing, disgusting, dirty person
Yankee Doodle is so grody to Libby Lu on the bus!

Kristean is such a grody person!!!!
by orangepielove November 06, 2007
Delicious, scrumptious, finger-licking good. Gods gift from above. The answer to world peace.
Joe: That donut looks grody, I wanna shove my face in its deliciousness.
Helga: it's a cinnamon roll!
Joe: Omg it is :o <3 hallelujah!
by cinnamonRoller4life February 10, 2014
A word that many Naperville white girls use to define something or someone being nasty, yucky, gross, icky, disgusting, puke-worthy.
Christina: "Ew, do you like see that guy at Zero Gravity like creeping on you?"
Racheal: "Like really? He's so grody, it's ridiculous!"

Ana: "I don't get why someone would drive a grody old ass car."
Tessa: "Obviously a grody person would drive a grody car, duh!"

Nequa Valley and Waubonsie Valley are more grody than Naperville Central and Naperville North.
by NapervilleWhiteGirlDuh December 20, 2011
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