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gross and dirty
wow, that girl is grody
by kt September 30, 2003
17 23
Grosser than gross.
Man, I just touched gum under my seat! How grody!
by noidontliketwilight February 21, 2011
1 1
adjective. Used to describe something really gross, nasty, sick, or anything just all around disgusting.
Bob: Did I tell you jason's plumbing backed up and flooded his basement?

Joe: Ew, grody, man.
by Smashley O_o October 17, 2008
3 3
Delicious, scrumptious, finger-licking good. Gods gift from above. The answer to world peace.
Joe: That donut looks grody, I wanna shove my face in its deliciousness.
Helga: it's a cinnamon roll!
Joe: Omg it is :o <3 hallelujah!
by cinnamonRoller4life February 10, 2014
0 1
An overused, out-of-date phrase from he 70's expressing extreme gross-ness. A mixture of gross and disgusting.
Billybob: *looking at garbage* Man, that stuff is grody.

Steven: Why are you using an outdated slang word from the 70's?

Billybob: I dunno, man, peace and kitties...


Melissa: Ew, look at that snail!

Annie: That's GRODY!!
by CoolStoryChlo December 25, 2012
0 1
nasty, unsatisfying, ewwy, yucky, dirty, Rhealene
Rhealene thinks Cameron is a grody person
by Dirty Dave Lee January 21, 2011
1 2
A term used when someone is gross, weird, and ugly.
Ew. Look at her sweater; it is so grody.
by GrodyCreator October 03, 2010
3 4
A mixture of the words: Gross, Disgusting, & Raunchy. (Raunchy meaning anything dirty, or nasty, or just plain unlikable.)
shit, that girl Shaniqua be grody. She smell like coochie.
by BeeeeeeLee; August 01, 2009
2 3