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an alternative word for alcohol, used by teens that are underage
person 1: are you goin to that party?
person 2: ya man, i heard theres goin to be mad groceries
by j menz June 26, 2007
Something disgusting. can also be used to describe how you feel about a girl when asked.

pretty much replace the word gross with groceries in any sentence.
"oh my god, did you see that girl puke?"
"yea! groceries!"

"did you see how ugly that girl was? groceries"
by prettylew December 04, 2007
1. Pharmeceutical drugs such as MDMA or ecstacy.
Hey, I need to purchase some groceries.
The aunties have the groceries!
Those groceries were good shit!
by barry1237 June 27, 2005