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Verb. To finger a lady's pussy. Looking for a g-spot with two fingers.
Groated-past tense.
guy 1 - Last night i groated this girl so hard she yelled for her mother. Then after the groating we moved to oral. It was fucking amazing.

guy 2 - Ya I am going to pick up a chick and bring her home, then groat her hard. All for just a one-night-stand.
by Gi Manto April 05, 2008
to put a finger up a vagina
girl #1-last nights some creep put his finger up my vagina and it felt so good

girl #2- i wish some guy would groat me like he did to u
by Karl Hert April 10, 2008
(archaic) An English four pence coin. (No longer in use or circulation). Modern usage to descibe the £1 coin, or where applicable, a single Euro.
Lend me a Groat or two till Friday... I'm skint.
by Imogen Mann December 30, 2007
The art or practice of staring longingly at somebody elses food, in order to get some yourself.
Stop looking at my coffee in this cup YOU BIG FAT GROATER

Attention all groaters: KEEP YOUR MITTS OFF
by poobum+weebum September 02, 2009
Historic: traditional African dish of stewed goat scrotum. Brought to America by slaves and adapted to Southern cooking conventions.

Current: Served deep fried at breakfast at any small diner in South Carolina, Georgia, and lower. Interestingly, nobody likes it, but they think other people like it. Yankees will often order it, mistaking it for grits (a more common and even grosser dish.)
Yankee1: What are groats?
Yankee2: Some podunk cornpone sorta thing.
Yankee1: I'll have that.
Yankee1: Wow, this bacon's really leathery.
by TreeWeezel April 02, 2011
Another way of saying "Gross". To be nasty and or disturbing in several ways. (derived from groaty)
"Dag gon, That lady wears the same spandex leggings and jean skirt EVERYDAY of the year..that's groats!"

by Jeff $$ June 05, 2006
Female chin whiskers.
I saw my wife with some tweezers pulling out groats from her chin.
by MiahMorris February 02, 2007

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