when you fuck random people without a condom or not knowing what they have
Dan: "this bitch is mad ugly but pussy is pussy"
by heywood jablowme January 02, 2005
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gross, but more than gross. see raunchy, or granger
man, that girl just sneezed all over herself...that's groady!
by PC April 10, 2003
Unpleasant and unappealing, usually in the sense of something that has been worn out, spoiled, or left unwashed for too long, such as month-old gym socks. Sometimes associated with 70's-90's American culture.
Dude, how long has this fish been here? It's smells groady!
by brumagem September 27, 2012
gross, digusting, nauseating
After the blackout, the sushi in my refrigerator looked and smelled groady!
by Jeff (from New York) September 14, 2003
someone or something that is gross and ugly (something along those lines)
eww your face is groady!!! put a bag over it!!!!
by tstar* July 22, 2006
(Grow-dee) Adj./N.-used to describe one who is usually but not always overweight,smelly,and possibly sports a windbreaker tracksuit occasionally accompanied by a handlebar moustache,someone a true lady would never be caught dead conversing with
Ew check out that guy,he is completely groady!

Did you sleep with that groady guy that works at chick-fil-a?
by LadySarah December 14, 2009
A combination of gross and toad...like a gross toad
Diana's hair is so groady.
by Kevin kev kev March 19, 2008

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