One gram of cannabis.
Can I grab that grizzle of the umphies for $25?
by Jskillz June 07, 2005
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marijuana, pot, grass, reefer.
Let's go smoke some grizzle.
by the mayor August 19, 2003
Mariujuana, or green, where I made it from, grizzle.
I'm gonn put some grizzle in the bizzle, and get my head straight...
by Kyle June 05, 2004
Any dirt or grease left behind after someone uses the phone or a combination of the both. Appears to look like crisco with small black dots of dirt. Otherwise known as phone smagma.
Oh man, make sure and wipe off the phone because Dale just used it and it is full of grizzle.
by Kendizzle June 08, 2005
Grizzle (v) The act of being Grizzled. Derived from the manner of a Grizzly bear. To be beaten half to death, scalped, licked upon the forehead, and to be shit on. Based on a true Grizzly Bear encounter. Hence, to be "Grizzled."
"The guy only gave me a $2 tip, I should Grizzle him for being a douchebag."
by Paulie Bags October 25, 2009
v. To cook something on a grill.
n. (1) A grill (can be used to mean a person's face).
(2) "grass" (marijuana).
You got the wings? Let's grizzle that shiznit!

1. Fo' real nizzle, why you always got 2B up in ma grizzle?

2. Antwan be bluntin' some grizzle and the 5-0 roll up on his ass.
by Carl Willis February 07, 2004
Gristle, tough shit(fat) in a sambo
Damn G, theres a fair bit of grizzle in dat bacon sambo.
by Anonymous May 24, 2003

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