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Stubble where there should not be any.
eg armpits
Dude check out her griss!
by Apox February 10, 2005
Short for Negris. A black female, usually working in either the service industry or for a government agency, that has a decidedly large amount of attitude, is exceedingly lazy, and will find any reason whasoever to not help you.
When I finally got to the head of the line, the griss behind the counter told me she wasn't the right person to talk to and that I should talk to someone in another department. So I went to that department, waited in line, and the griss THERE told me that the original griss was wrong, and that the first griss was the person I needed to talk to. So I went back to the first line, waited again, but by the time I got to the front it was 4:59pm and she had already left work for the day.
by TellinItLikeItIs August 15, 2006