about a half gallon or 1.75 liters of alcohol. Containers with this amount of alcohol often has a "handle" for easy transport. However not all of these containers have handles per say, some have "grips" built right into the container, so shouldn't these be called grips vs. handles?! A grip is a "handle" that has a "grip" instead of a handle...it only makes sense.
Jimbo: Yo playa I'm tryna get crunk tonight u got that alch?!
Kenny: U kno i do man... i got a few grips of vodka in the trunk! We're def not gonna remember shit tomorrow.
Jimbo: iight den, i'm down to turn this into a shit show FAST.
Kenny: GET IT!!
by PresOfDaFriends March 03, 2011
Top Definition
To have a abundant amount of something
Yo! I got a grip of cash today, lets go spend it.


Theres no need to buy more beer, I have a grip at home.
by Nemon23 October 04, 2002
A whole lot of something.
I went to the store a bought a whole grip of forties.
by PMink September 27, 2004
$10,000. Named so due to the size of the wad of bills. Unlike a "stack" which is how 10 $100 bills are put together (in a stack), a grip is 10 stacks, only way to hold it is to grip it because its all rolled up.
"Walk around like I got a grip in my pants, yea thats about 10 stacks..." -Young Jeezy
by Tha_Ape September 28, 2006
Unit of measurement for long periods of time.
It took us a grip to get there.
I haven't been to this bar in a grip.
by Hot Bag April 20, 2009
To have a large amount of something good.
Yo, I just got a fuckin' GRIP of weed, so let's blaze that shit up!
by Tom Lowe August 14, 2005
n. a phrase used to express quantity; a large amount of something.
"There were a grip of people at the concert."

"I have a grip of homework to finish before class tomorrow."
by UberGanz July 23, 2008
an adjective used to describe a long length of time
Yo, I havent seen you in a grip. It must have been a year.
by K-BREEZY April 04, 2008

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