When a Grandma or Grandpa winks at you in a sexual fashion.
-How was work dude?
-It was going well until this old geezer grinked at me when I was giving him his change
-Creepy Bro
by BIGSPENT March 28, 2010
Top Definition
Derogatory term referring to a caucasian (white person). Derived from the Spanish word Gringo but meant to be inflammatory.
White is to Grink as Black is to N*****
by whitedude October 14, 2007
A combination of the colours Green and Pink.
Used for people with their favourite colours as green and pink. Also a gang name.

Stands for :

G- Great
R- Responsible
I- Intelligent
N- Naughty
K- Kissable
S- Stylish
"Damn that boy/girl is: great, responsible, intelligent, naughty, kissable AND stylish! He or She is SOOO Grinks material!"

Person One: "My favourite colour is green."
Person Two: "My favourite colour is pink."
Person One & Two: "WERE GRINKS!"
by Michelleashley February 03, 2011
A combination of the word "grow" and "shrink." The word GRink was made famous by Wyld Stallyns Games in their 'wyldly' successful iPhone game "GRink."
I just bought Grink on my iPhone! It's rad money!
by DrTossalot January 25, 2011
Verb, portmanteau of "green ink (letter)". Used to describe the act of writing an aggrieved complaint letter or e-mail, usually to the media and always by someone emotionally damaged or just plain insane. So called because such letters are, according to urban legend, frequently written using green ink.
When I wrote that piece about asylum seekers I got severely grinked by a retired army major from Tunbridge Wells.
by TortZilla December 13, 2010
To finish someone's cigarette.
Hey lemme grink that cig man!

Here you can grink dis shit, I'm done!
by thyo January 27, 2009
Racial slur for a mix between Korean and Chinese
That dude is a grink!
Those grinks eat dog.
by Deeve October 20, 2006
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