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1.when some one is ruining christmas
2.when some one vandalises christmas decorations
1.my brother got into a fight we my cousin damn he is always grinching christmas.
2.Guy1:yo gangster (refering to another white kid from the suburbs)what you say bout going grinching tonight.
Guy2:na man i already got caught and cops said that i was vandalizign or sometin i should have never gotten tangled up in that inflatable santa claus when i tackled it.
by pablo pinero January 01, 2008
verb: to lift your legs up really high while walking and running. very smoothly.
In the hallways, Jonnai was grinching and we followed her.
by thegrincher February 11, 2010
v: When someone smokes more than the necessary amount of green cannabis. I.E. Burning all of the top of a bowl completely black.
"You need to watch that lighter and quit grinching my tree."
by Brother Anansi March 20, 2008
A form of terrorism in which a person steals presents from beneath their neighbor's Christmas tree in order to strike fear and death into the hearts of us Capitlists by restricting our material possessons.
American: "No, don't go grinching, I'll die without that 5,000 dollar TV"

Grinch" "I don't care!"
by Logaliciousness December 24, 2011