your wrong
you are grimmy bo
by Amanda June 04, 2004
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Crack laced joint.
puff on a grimmy
by yanar June 02, 2004
Doing bad, dirty and nasty things to people.
Like going to a girl's house and have sex with her then steal her money from out of her purse. That nigga is grimmy.
by Dwight February 01, 2005
1. Fucked up
2. mad wack
Yo dude thats mad grimmy.
by cracker March 17, 2005
adjective of being dirty; nasty; gross.
"thats grimmy.."
"that girl is so grimmy!"
by Cecelia December 30, 2003
(noun -- GRIM-eez -- plural of grimmie) Grimmies are the collective group of enemies in the video game world.
Dude, wanna come over to my place, order some some za and kill grimmies after work tonight?
by b1-66er May 06, 2010
Short term for the Grim Reaper or better known as Death.
Guy 1: Hey look it's Grimmy!
Guy 2: Who?
Guy 1: You know, the Grim Reaper!
Guy 2: Oh right!
by Dave(thepunkyone) January 03, 2006
To be a grimmy means to be a bit of a spazzy ... often spelling words wrongly an overall being a fanny . Sometimes they can be dyslexic
CARCASIM - trying to spell SARCASM ... yellow bus for him , Grimmy is a tit

''Pone The Folis'' - dyslexic otherwise known as '' MONGO ! '' said by Grimmy

by Grimzooo February 27, 2007

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