your mum is grimey in bed
ow ow ow u grimey hoe
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
A lonely boy that has a shit PC and cannot play CS:S because of it
Im grimey i love fagballs
by Psyko February 09, 2005
something that is dirty/whoreish/poor looking/bad quality
Examples:Those velcro shoes are soo grimey..

Look at the nigga,he so grimey with he ghetto ass clothes

Man that hoe is soo grimey she sucks wennier every night

That honkey has the most gimey house ive ever seen,he aint even doors on the bedrooms

also gimey is a good word to use in a dis

Ex: You mutha fuckin, grimey ass, dick suckin,hairy ball lickin,cunt.... you know something like that
by James July 18, 2005
another word for drunk
lets get grimey tonight
by deano43 August 23, 2006
Keeping it Ghetto or hood.
From N.O.R.E
by Diego August 28, 2003

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