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everyone else is wrong. to be grimey means you dont give a fuck. like if you can take a shower, but dont because you dont care..... your grimey.
Noreaga is rich but everyday he goes to the liquor store and tries to get a discount on a 25 cent cigar, because he's grimey. (nore said this himself)
by melvin flynt October 19, 2003
A nickname for someone (usually male) whose surname is Grimes.
"Hey Grimey! Yeah, you, Grimes! Get over here!"
by M.C. Raine February 01, 2007
When the situation type's "SERIOUS!"
"...It's when the heat is busting off and the ambulance come and rush you off,and the witness like 'We don't know them boyz!'...me and ma' niggaz sayin' 'hey hey hey'Norega's 'GRIMEY'
by M-jay April 09, 2005
when a person is doing or saying wrong
when you clown your best friend; or cheat on your girl or man
by Janelle December 12, 2004
A disgusting girl no one likes.
Olga is such a grimey bitch.
by uhh February 11, 2004
A very, very grimey girl named Dominique Turner.
Dom, you are so damn grimey!
by Modi August 01, 2004
something bad, a bad occurance, similar to "shitty"
I lost my wallet at the club?
no shit dude, thats grimey
by pdogs March 24, 2005