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Synonym of dirt. Usually refers to various forms of caked-on grit, sand, soot, dust, or other solid dirt mixed with sweat, grease, or other liquid binders to make a gritty nasty goo that's hard to clean off.
The steel factory's fixtures are covered with years of grime.

The boys emerged from the mine covered with grime, and rich as Midas.

by blueagave March 22, 2006
1. Total unfairness.
2. When the man just brings you down for no god damn reason.
3. An act of bad taste, when someone does something ghetto or rips you off in a bad away.
1. Leroy: So, you're sayin that you failed me cause I'm black? That's grimes.

2. Steve: God damn, I just got shit on by a bird, good luck my ass. Life is just grimes.

3.Leroy: Ayo Steve!
Steve: Yeah?
Leroy: Did you steal my newspaper off of my front porch again?
Steve: Well...uhh..you see.......aw damn come on man i'm not trying to pay 75 cents for this shit
Leroy: Damn man that's grimes.
by SystemF December 20, 2006
One who is radical and rips.
Man, that dude is a total grimes!
by AaronG9 June 24, 2006
The way cool people say grimy, which is also a sweet word.
*Steps in Dog Shit and Looks at It*
Lacey: Grimes!!!

Minas: Joe got herpes
Anna: That kid is grimes McGee
by BrooklineMA March 22, 2009
1.(adj) A term used to describe an action that is gross, underhanded, sneaky, or otherwise completely outrageous and unpredictable.
2.(adj) A term used to describe an individual that frequently engages in grime activity.
Dude, Matt puked after 5 shots and then hooked up with 2 girls last night, it was so grime.
by WayneHouseF05 March 14, 2009
Gnarly shit.
by Young Gutta July 12, 2008
Disgusting beyond belief. Can be used to describe how ugly a girl is.
She was the grimest
by skianaconda December 10, 2010
a nasty dirty girl who had sex with a lot of guys
Marlin: Hey do you think bertha is hot? Should i get with her?

Steve: Hell no dawg, shes grimes!
by estevan17 September 16, 2008