A sexual act where one ejaculates into another's butt crack, then pushes their cheeks together until they stick.
Bob: Jill is walking awkwardly. Did you put it in her butt?

Jim: Nah, I just gave her the ol' grilled cheese.
by Plug1159 November 25, 2008
The act of your balls/ ball sack sticking to the inner part of your thighs or gouche.
Garrett says "Hey logan, today in math i couldnt stop Grilled Cheese/ Cheesing and i felt like shoving my hand down my pants and seperating them my self!"
by Scott "Just Scott" K January 06, 2009
When pulled apart, grilled cheese looks exactly like old poontang
Syxxpakk would really like to get a piece of Proxi's grilled cheese
by cyxelsid July 29, 2003
Busting a nut on a girl's sunburnt booty.
Yeah dude, she had mad sunburn so I gave her the ole' cheese sandwich.
by ? October 09, 2003
a girl's version of a male's teabagging
How's about a grilled cheese?
by Tara D January 21, 2005
After some really good sex, on the girls twat when all the inside is on the out.
Whoa I dont want to eat that grilled cheese!!
by NicklePickle November 12, 2003
When old skin folds together mixed with greasy vaginal discharge
An old woman's clitoris is grilled cheese.
by Paul_le_Hooker November 30, 2005

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