What a woman's vagina resembles when woken in the morning for sex and she is starting to get excited and wet. When you begin to separate the labia it is reminiscent of a warm grilled cheese sandwich being pulled apart.
"I woke my girl up this morning and tore into that grilled cheese."
by AlchlcSmnThrwr April 30, 2012
The consistency of a old woman's Vagina.

Your mother's vagina is just like a tasty grilled-cheese.
by the buster April 09, 2009
Female orgasm
Yea i heard u made 5 grilled cheeses in 10 minutes!
by Dasmon January 18, 2010
refering to a woman's vagina
the morning after sex, playing with her pussy, was like trying to open a grilled cheese sandwich
by Gators #1 September 11, 2009
A state of extreme inebriation.
"I had too much to drink last night, I was grilled cheese."
by YourrrMMMooommm September 30, 2009
1. the nasty gooey look of the puhey spreading apart after a chick has a hard workout

2. a man who can consume an entire state worth of food in one sitting
1. that girl working out over there is fine...but I bet she has some mean grilled cheese right now

2. grilled cheese once ate 12 grilled cheese sandwiches in one sitting..after dinner was already over..that's an entire loaf of bread, and a whole pack of cheese
by pharmacyboyz May 18, 2009
Noun. An old ladies Vagina
I bet you want some of that grandmas grilled cheese.
by dontcare34 March 31, 2010
One who fucks a pussy so fast that it gets hot. Then you place a slice of Kraft's Sliced Cheese on the pussy until it starts to melt. Then you eat it out.
This guy was a total perv last night, he tried the grilled cheese?
by brycestep April 29, 2009

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