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After some really good sex, on the girls twat when all the inside is on the out.
Whoa I dont want to eat that grilled cheese!!
by NicklePickle November 12, 2003
7 27
A sandwich consisting of two pieces of bread, generally white, lightly toasted, and a piece of melty cheese, usually American or Cheddar, placed between them. Highly tasty.
I love grilled cheese sandwiches.
by 'Annony' June 01, 2005
296 177
Any situation in which a man's ejaculate resembles the "cheese" between any two "bread-like" objects as with a grilled cheese sandwich, especially when slowly pulled apart.
"Man, that wet dream wouldn't have been so awkward had I not been naked and had to get a spatula to peel my sheet from my mattress. I grilled cheese-d that shit. Just like Mom used to make."
by erkslbrg February 28, 2010
209 100
When a guy pulls out and finishes between your butt cheeks, then proceeds to squeeze the cheeks together and watches as he slowly lets them spread apart, as if they were two pieces of bread with melted cheese dripping out.
Amy enjoys playing womens water polo to wash off the Grilled Cheese from the night before.
by LorPau December 02, 2008
155 111
Blue Balls for girls. When a guy teases a girl and her va-jay-jay becomes the consistency of the inside of a freshly-made grilled cheese sandwich.
1: So Andrew, what were you talking to Nicole about?
1: Oh nothing, just giving her the good 'ole grilled cheese.
by LikeAManBearPig June 09, 2010
140 97
Grilled cheese describes lack of hygeine in a woman's private area. The woman's hairy vagina has been used too much so there is semen residue in her pubes and when she opens her legs it pulls apart slowly like a grilled cheese sandwich. Just like pulling apart the bread slowly and seeing the melted cheese.
i was fucking this girl one night and she had MAJOR grilled cheese so i told her she had to leave.
by ihadsexwithyourmomlastnite September 11, 2011
30 19
Used to describe a female of bad taste, hygeine, or sluttiness. Opening her legs would be like peeling apart a grilled cheese sandwich
I slept with Jeri last night, and I had to stop, being I realized she didn't shower for a week...she was such a grilled cheese.
by Eileen V August 06, 2005
113 104
A woman's (vagina) who has been worked the night before and has had the (Cum) left inside her where it becomes hard to pry open the next morning like a grilled cheese sandwich

This condition tends to happen during extremely hot sex the night before and waking up to a colder environment which makes it sticky/goey like cheese
Judy and I had great sex last night and we were going to go for round two in the morning but I couldn't fit it in because of her grilled cheese.
by Jason Bank October 18, 2007
72 64