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AKA...HELMET PIECE, a term to discribe the face of a woman.
Hey bro,her grill piece was all jacked up or damn, thats a nice set of lips on that grill piece.
by LORD GRIM The SINISTER October 16, 2003
2 17

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1. Teeth, or more specifically cosmetic dental apparati commonly cast in gold or platinum, sometimes set with jewels such as diamonds.
He got blasted in his grill piece like wOtwOT!
by nocturnal May 13, 2006
35 6
the mouth or any surrounding area
Shut your fucking grillpiece!
I will bust you in the grillpiece!
by dickface September 04, 2003
8 3
girlfriend. not directly related to "grill," and "grill" does not translate to mean "girl" on its own. "Grill" still just means "face"
"yeah, Evan's coming, and I think he's bringing his grillpiece"
by cyclopsca January 30, 2006
3 5