1. To blaze a cone of marijuana or to have a 'session' with friends.
2. To be 'grilled' is to be really high.
3. To get grilled or grill someone is to burn, dis', insult or badmouth them.
4. Means to get in trouble from an authority figure (police, parents, teacher).
1. "I'm not really that wacked anymore. Let's go for a grill."
2. "Man, I'm so fucking grilled right now! Way too fucken high!"
3. "We all grilled him when we found out he had a 'micro penis'."
4. "The police will grill you if they catch you importing drugs from HK."
by Diego August 25, 2003
Gold teeth. Whites say it's dumb but most of the time just out of jealousy since all they can afford is a wife beater and a trailer.
Boy: Look at my diamond and platinum grill, homie!
Boy #2: We be ridin' on spinnaz and packin' ak's, Nigguh!
Trailer Trash: What a waste of money.
Describes the effects of LSD
Damn. I was grillin so hard last night that I couldn't stand.
by Xerobull November 29, 2002
To chill or hang out with.

Something that is neat,kool,nice,expensive.

Something that is wack,ugly,dumb,not kool.
"Hey man you wanna grill down at the mall?"

"Hey man that's a preety grill bike where'd you get it?"

"Hey man those shoes are grill take em off."
by AceDawgGuy December 11, 2005
the place where exonians (those who attened phillips exeter academy) hang out to eat, do homework, play bingo, or just about whatever.
"hey lets go to grill during fatblock"
by lil d April 05, 2005
Something that blows, sucks, or is just plain bad.
Jeff really grills.

That cafe grills hard because the food is terrible.
by Chase G 123 September 20, 2006
People from Southern Europe Italy usually Probably was an insult but not so unfriendly these days-like wog
My friend Nino is a grill
by Peter Forde March 13, 2004

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