1. v. to eat
2. adj. delicious
1. Yo, you wanna go grill some Smokey Joes?
2. Dude that pizza was so grill.
#hooxit #grill #dank #ruit #biddies #stildo
by exit5 January 23, 2007
A gay man's variation of the VERSATILE word "Girl"; grill has been adopted by gay men and can be used in any situation.

It is best used as a response to someone else or to a situation.
I hate that one-her hair is so tragic and that outfit is straight out a flock of seagul's video-Grrrrrilllll-(meaning I couldn't agree more; right on could not have conjured up the words better myself; we are in agreement); Look at the big bearish guy over there-GrillAh-(meaning a large nelly hairy gentlemen; could sound like the word gorrilla)
#girl #sistah #queen #gurl #please
by Brendanl July 26, 2006
removable metal in teeth, braces
braces. yo u got nice grills
#braces #grills #bling #metal #cool
by helljob8254 June 25, 2006
To insult, to degrade.
"That skank's outfit is a nightmare."
"Oh grill."

"Who'd you pick up last night?"
"Your mom."
#insult #degrade #mock #joke #burn
by PBear August 31, 2006
Staring someone down, giving them an intimidating look.
"A long hard stare is a grill"
-Big L, "Ebonics"
by Jonas January 06, 2005
another word for girl or{chick) deifines the female species
Instead of Hey Girl say Hey Grill
by amada February 17, 2005
A dirty look
The thug grilled the old man when he walked passed him.
by dre-one July 21, 2003
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