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Cocaine. Crack. Grill was derived from Grill cleaner due to the leaking nose effect cocaine has when snorted into the nasal cavity.
"Yo son let me get a bag of grill", "i sniffed mad grill last night", "nose is clogged up, let me get some grill cleaner"
by Unfuckwitable January 18, 2009
someone's mouth teeth or face
Yo get the fuck up out my grill bitch ass cracka

She was all up in my grill and I was like gurl you gots to get the fuck up out my grill

by rutgersfan1477 March 05, 2008
It means a thing that you barbecue on or diamonds on your teeth, or business
1. Oh are you gonna buy that George Foreman Grill?

2. Look at them grillz he's wearing!

3. How dare you! Gettin' all up in my grill!
by Sirena Hey August 17, 2007
(synonym) - to perform an act of affection, out of desperation, sexual desire or physical attraction between two parties (three if necessary) which involves anything ranging from making out to the act of sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal - either will do)
Mike: yo dan did you grill that girl Nicole at the dance?
Dan: ya man i got in her grills
Mike: Well thats realll nice
by Mike Wasotti September 17, 2007
1. v. to eat
2. adj. delicious
1. Yo, you wanna go grill some Smokey Joes?
2. Dude that pizza was so grill.
by exit5 January 23, 2007
A gay man's variation of the VERSATILE word "Girl"; grill has been adopted by gay men and can be used in any situation.

It is best used as a response to someone else or to a situation.
I hate that one-her hair is so tragic and that outfit is straight out a flock of seagul's video-Grrrrrilllll-(meaning I couldn't agree more; right on could not have conjured up the words better myself; we are in agreement); Look at the big bearish guy over there-GrillAh-(meaning a large nelly hairy gentlemen; could sound like the word gorrilla)
by Brendanl July 26, 2006
removable metal in teeth, braces
braces. yo u got nice grills
by helljob8254 June 25, 2006