The way retarded people spelt "grille", until it actually caught on to the public. The origin came from slick rick, as half of his teeth were gold.
It came from the front grille of a car, which in fact is spelt g-r-i-l-l-e. If you don't add an 'E' then it doesn't make any sense, I the fuck do you relate a BBQ grill to your teeth?
The revelation from a car's grille to a mouth grille is because they are both in front of one(s).
Paul wall and nelly are fucking was slick rick that invented the GRILLE..nelly and paul wall only fucked up the spelling into grill.
by GRILLE March 18, 2008
Grille is bling in the mouth

The verb to grill means to be high on hallucinogens ex. LSD, mushrooms.


To grill means to interrogate harshly.
I was grillin' so hard off that shit I thought I was gonna die.

That bitch was grillin' me bout some stupid shit.
by samkbam April 24, 2009
When something exceeds being great. The highest form of hyperbole.
I know Tilly you could say it is the grillest!!!
by Chuzzy and Tills March 10, 2011
Cocaine. Crack. Grill was derived from Grill cleaner due to the leaking nose effect cocaine has when snorted into the nasal cavity.
"Yo son let me get a bag of grill", "i sniffed mad grill last night", "nose is clogged up, let me get some grill cleaner"
by Unfuckwitable January 18, 2009
someone's mouth teeth or face
Yo get the fuck up out my grill bitch ass cracka

She was all up in my grill and I was like gurl you gots to get the fuck up out my grill

by rutgersfan1477 March 05, 2008
It means a thing that you barbecue on or diamonds on your teeth, or business
1. Oh are you gonna buy that George Foreman Grill?

2. Look at them grillz he's wearing!

3. How dare you! Gettin' all up in my grill!
by Sirena Hey August 17, 2007
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