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The way retarded people spelt "grille", until it actually caught on to the public. The origin came from slick rick, as half of his teeth were gold.
It came from the front grille of a car, which in fact is spelt g-r-i-l-l-e. If you don't add an 'E' then it doesn't make any sense, I mean..how the fuck do you relate a BBQ grill to your teeth?
The revelation from a car's grille to a mouth grille is because they are both in front of one(s).
Paul wall and nelly are fucking idiots..it was slick rick that invented the GRILLE..nelly and paul wall only fucked up the spelling into grill.
by GRILLE March 18, 2008
A verb that can be used interchangeably with more specific verbs like 'to eat', 'to drink', with the general meaning 'to consume'

1. to consume
2. to use
Yo, lets go grill some beers.

Im fitna grill this blunt.
by deezCornNutz May 10, 2010
grill-urban for the word "mouth"
"I'm going to smash his grill!" means "I'm going to give him a fat lip!"
by Bruce Citron May 09, 2010
combines the words "great" and "ill" for maximum impact
"Did you hear the new Corpse Circus CD, I heard it was GRILL!!"
by RABOYYYYYY March 12, 2010
Playing capture the flag on Halo 3, or more generally playing Halo 3
Once we finish studying want to take a break and grill?
by Treezy Heat June 05, 2009
(synonym) - to perform an act of affection, out of desperation, sexual desire or physical attraction between two parties (three if necessary) which involves anything ranging from making out to the act of sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal - either will do)
Mike: yo dan did you grill that girl Nicole at the dance?
Dan: ya man i got in her grills
Mike: Well thats realll nice
by Mike Wasotti September 17, 2007
It means a thing that you barbecue on or diamonds on your teeth, or business
1. Oh are you gonna buy that George Foreman Grill?

2. Look at them grillz he's wearing!

3. How dare you! Gettin' all up in my grill!
by Sirena Hey August 17, 2007