*A term for a person's teeth.

*To grill, or barbeque.

*Word relating to physical action taken upon one.

*An item used for grilling and barbequing meat, particularly hamburgers. Grilling is an American tradition that has led to friendship and even philosophizing about the American Dream.
"Don't piss me off or I'll fuckin' grill ya man!"
by Dave June 16, 2004
(n) referring to someone's face
She was all up in my grill.
She got a nice body but a wack grill.
by cardopolis July 07, 2005
An alternative/last resort to the fixing of teeth
Dentist: Well, no matter what we do, we can't fix your teeth for less than the cost of this gold and diamond wristwatch band.

Rapper: Damn! Let's just put that in there then!

Rappers White Friend: Nice grill, yo!
by The.Mattman October 08, 2010
1. One's personal business

2. Teeth/mouth and physical proximity to this area of the body

3. A piece of mouth jewellery or bling largely worn by African Americans

4. To harrass or interrogate a person in an annoying fashion
STEP OFF MY GRILL YO (stay out of my business)

GET OUT OF MY GRILL MA FAA (remove yourself from my physical proximity)
by cxtie May 10, 2010
The way retarded people spelt "grille", until it actually caught on to the public. The origin came from slick rick, as half of his teeth were gold.
It came from the front grille of a car, which in fact is spelt g-r-i-l-l-e. If you don't add an 'E' then it doesn't make any sense, I mean..how the fuck do you relate a BBQ grill to your teeth?
The revelation from a car's grille to a mouth grille is because they are both in front of one(s).
Paul wall and nelly are fucking idiots..it was slick rick that invented the GRILLE..nelly and paul wall only fucked up the spelling into grill.
by GRILLE March 18, 2008
-Look at the huge grill.

-Girl back that grill over here
by Judysgotabooty June 03, 2014
Grille is bling in the mouth

The verb to grill means to be high on hallucinogens ex. LSD, mushrooms.


To grill means to interrogate harshly.
I was grillin' so hard off that shit I thought I was gonna die.

That bitch was grillin' me bout some stupid shit.
by samkbam April 24, 2009

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