A person's face or teeth
Get the fuck up out my grill bitch ass
by Melissa Guirand April 27, 2005
To look at someone in a mean and intimidating way. Many times, girls will grill a guy if he tries to spit game and they aren't interested or think he's wack.
That girl was grillin me so hard; I don't know what her problem is.
by itzjet August 02, 2007
last time i checked, a grill is something you cook meat on, or the front vent thing on a car.
imma go cook me some burgers on the grill
by jim March 18, 2006
An iced out retainer
my teath are mind blowin givin' everybody chillz
call me George Foreman cuz' im sellin everybody grillz
by Cardone April 05, 2006
another form of "bling bling". It is a covering for the teeth with diamonds and gold because African Americans think they look rich when they waste all their money on crap like golden upholstery, diamond hub cabs, and grills.
Grills are not glamorous and don't make you look rich. They just make you look stupider than you already are.
by Exhac May 02, 2006
the 3rd gayest trend in the US world... 1.Stunna Shades 2. Lean wit it rock wit it and #3. GRILLS

it was pretty much popularized by Paw WaW a Eyes meyng(translation: Paul Wall the ice man)
he decided it would be cool for kids to wear retainers...

and he decided it would be cool to have jewelry, i think i know why he has ugly girls in his videos now... <b>Metal in your teeth will make your mouth stink</b>

trust me, this is coming from a kid who wore braces, and is now using retainers.

now people like the idea of having metal on their teeth.

'Cool!! now we have Puffed up Lips and our mouths stink!! AWESOME!!!!! :)'

"let me see yaw griell... let mee see ya wet??"
Translation from fag language to real language: Let me see your grills... let me see your what?
by DOPE MESSICUN June 04, 2006
1. An object used to cook stuff, typically for outdoor use.
2. An object that is inserted onto someone's teeth.
3. League of Legends term for girl.
1. Dude! I'm gonna use this grill to cook steak and stuff!
by ihatethinkingofnames May 22, 2015

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