A player in an online multiplayer game whose goal is to be as absolutely obnoxious to other players, typically for teh lulz. This is traditionally actions such as team killing, team wounding, blocking, and spawn camping. Note that it is a misconception among a large part of the internet (particularly care bears, noobs, and nublets) that complaining to or about a griefer will deter them. In fact it is the opposite; this is the ultimate confirmation that they are annoying other players.
See: pwned.nl



"OMGGGG ADMIN BAN THE TKER!!!1!!111!!! HES A GRIEFER!1!!" - n00b who thinks there is an admin online
by Toluene October 28, 2010
This word is one seemingly created from the ether by Bill Gates minions to describe people who haven't completed puberty but have had considerable access to FPS games. Apparently it's common and parents should look out for it?
"Griefers" are the Internet equivalent of playground bullies, who find fun in embarrassing and pushing around others.
©2005 Microsoft Corporation.
by knock February 17, 2005
Griefers are users in multiplayer video games that try to ruin other players' days, whether that be by abusing the game's mechanics or spamming in the chat.

If you run into a griefer in-game, simply ignore them. What griefers want is to get a reaction out of the people they're playing with, so in order to dilute their annoyance simply don't give them any reaction. You could also try and act smarter than them if they are chat griefing, though this may backfire. Generally griefers are just a worse version of noobs/n00bs, that instead of just being annoying actually ruin things.
Griefer griefing in-game:
*Griefer destroys structure made by good player*
Griefer: L0L u N0Ob
*good player says nothing*
*griefer teamkills good player*
Good Player: Wow! Nice kill!

Griefer chat griefing:
Griefer: U AL1 aRE ScuR85 xDDdDdDDd
Good Player: okay ;)
Griefer: L0L ScurBbbBbbbBb ;;;;;))))
Good Player: So Good Player 2 how's your day been?
by J. Kashmir July 12, 2015
An annoying little twat who thinks he's being funny by purposefully being counter-productive in a game just to piss everyone off. Basically a pseudo-troll. But what this pseudo-troll doesn't realize is everyone in the room has reported him ages ago. But, hey, how else is he going to vent his sexual frustration?
This guy is a griefer. Let's report him and be done with it.
by 69Butts February 21, 2015
In online gaming, someone who purposely seeks to annoy the other players, especially his own teammates. Usually a griefer is someone who is not good at the game, has a poor internet connection and wants to vent frustration.
"This server is nothing but a bunch of griefer TK's. Let's go somewhere else."
by PecosBill May 23, 2003

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