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When the quarterback of your fantasy football team throws a huge touchdown pass to your opponent's wide receiver.
(watching the game on TV)
C'mon, Manning! Throw us a touchdown this play! Dropping back!...throws!...yes, yes!, YES!!... NOOOO!!! Not to Reggie Wayne! Anyone but Wayne! Awwww, man! Touchdown! Dammit!!

Dude! WTF! We're winning!

Yeah, I know but my fanatasy team isn't and I needed that play to win. My opponent has Wayne and just got the same points.

Man! Talk about your gridirony!
by Tenacious Faulker June 21, 2010
A football player that likes catching balls even off the field. A queer football player.
Esera Tualo, David Kopay, Roy Simmons, and of course, Santana Moss are examples of gridirony.
by youknowilikeribs November 16, 2011
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