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To cut off someone's head, To completely decapitate someone.
If you don't shut up I am going to greyhound you.

Wow you sure greyhounded him.

by Tyler The Nazi August 24, 2008
3 7
To stab and behead someone. Derived from the Canadian news story about a passenger on a greyhound bus beheading someone with a knife.
I hate my job so much that I just want to greyhound myself.

That guy looks psycho - he looks like he might greyhound you any moment now.
by Tylderdruden August 06, 2008
2 8
a drink mixed with grape juice and vodka(GREYgoose) usually a 2:1 ratio. They get you moving . . .
Damn im 3 greyhounds deep, i hope my dick still works tonight.
by j-Plane February 08, 2007
6 16
my best mate
a grey hound is my dog called penny she is retired an the nicest dog eva
by da one an only July 19, 2003
18 28
A very short skirt, only an inch from the hare.
by Karlito April 20, 2003
15 25
greyhound.. What u call ur m8
Hows it goin greyhound

Not bad lad.
by Nially October 15, 2007
2 13
one whom has ben around
Damn,that girl Dana is such a greyhound!!!!!
by F#%K-N-VUKE November 14, 2005
8 20