For people unable to afford quicker and more efficient methods of transportation.

A wonderful way to see the worst parts of many cities across the country.
We rode a greyhound bus because we are too poor for a plane.
by defff March 20, 2011
To fatally injure by decapitation with a hunting knife.
Dude, if you don't quit it, I'm going to greyhound you.
by red_11 August 06, 2008
1. A hot, older man aged 56 yo and up a dilf. 2. The final step in the dilf/hound dog continuum.
A Grey Hound good looking older man that is older than a basset hound. He has striking silver hair. Sean Connery
by feeling left out June 21, 2013
The act of stabbing someone several times then decapitating them. It is in reference to the 2008 July 30th incident. Usually used as an idol threat.
"I will fucking greyhound you"
"That guy is going to get greyhounded"
by n.o.l. August 03, 2008
A breed of dog that is capable of reaching up too 45 mph. Used in the racing industry and for hare coarsing. Second most abused breed next to the pitbull. Also Greyhounds are very lazy.
"Dude my Greyhound just shot offf after some rabbits"
by Finnerty September 08, 2009
A young woman who prefers to be tamed by older older men.
Cougars are out. Greyhounds is sin.
by Teenvageen February 08, 2010
A older female that a younger guy goes after. Older than a cougar.
Damn Brian, you're gonna ride that Greyhound to the grave.
by SoCalSun October 11, 2009

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