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a very short skirt - so called because it's an inch from the hair(hare)
by Fryster August 12, 2003
Very short skirt that barely covers the bum-cheeks. Usually worn low around the hips and looks more like a boob-tube worn as a skirt. Name refers to grey-hound racing.
"Damn, that certainly is a grey-hound skirt.. an inch away from the hair." (hare:pun)
by Roxanne July 30, 2003
Very short skirt, that is, as in greyhound racing it is only an inch away from the hair.
She left for the bar that night with her greyhound skirt on, sure to get some much needed attention from the guys.
by jawz! December 20, 2008
An article of clothing worn by a female, to make herself look classy.
"She was wearing the greyhound skirt"
"Oh Yeah?"
"It was an inch from the hair!"
by kamal Ali January 20, 2004
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