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I grey person that can blend in the wall.
Person 1- OMG you see danny? He was in the wall you could barely tell!
Person 2- Yea probably from all the WoW hours. Stupid Grey Boy.
by Teh Kevin February 06, 2008
A male Homestuck troll
"Gosh! Tavros is such a cute grey boy!" Rose gushed.
by Tumblrina July 13, 2014
Alien species coming to earth with their nice pets (look for shitweasels")
oh, look this greyboy is having a walk with his shitweasel in the park!
by Michael Underwood April 30, 2003
Teh Color grey, that someone is.
Grey boy is grey. So a grey color is grey
by K. Weezer February 09, 2008