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When the cadets at the United States Military Academy spend too much time without seeing any non-cadets of the opposite sex they will often develop what are called "grey goggles" meaning they see their classmates through the cadet grey which defines the Academy and people who in the outside world would be highly unattractive suddenly seem very attractive, this occurs most frequently during the dead of winter when contact with the world outside of the greyness of West Point is limited and people start to lose hope.

With grey goggles, people who on the standard hot scale would rate a 4 or 5 can gain as much as 3 or 4 points boosting them up to the 8s and 9s.

The term grey goggles is most often used to describe the misguided attraction male cadets feel towards their female counterparts however in recent years a new kind of grey goggles have emerged in which the females view their male classmates through a different set of grey goggles which points on the hot scale are deducted instead of added (since the ratio works in favor of the females). So a male whom they might have settled for prior to attending West Point wouldn't stand a chance with them while they wear grey goggles.
Guy #1: Yo, isn't Katie Perkins looking hot lately?
Guy #2: Woah woah take off the grey goggles...she's twice your size and ugly as fuh
Guy #1: Shit, you're right...but I dunno...she's looking fine.
by schweets September 29, 2009
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