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A rare but indiscreet beast that lurks in the shadows feasting on cigarette butts and sniffing dog crap...while quite elusive it has been spotted several times, flailing its arms and drooling about the apartment of one "stevie"...while said to have attended tech, that is quite the "greta" can neither read nor write (i found this out when she IMed me)...the beast can be smelled hundreds of yards away so be quite wary of the stinch of the "greta" for the beast knows no likes to take on a female personna although its natural design is male...if you should ever run across such a yourself a favor and run the other way...or be drenched in drool and flailed by its flailing arms...the only sure way to escape to throw cigarette butts at it and urinate in a will inevitably stop and consume both...rumor has it that this beast has both male and female parts and that is why it can imitate either design...
What the hell is this...a half eaten cigarette butt?
Stevie...don't look behind you...but your about to get FLAILED BY GRETA PUELO!!!!!
Here Greta, Greta, want some nabisco snacks...ofcourse you do...come on now...GOTCHA pheww the world is now a safer place, the beast has been incapacitated.
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