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To ejaculate on something you don't want to; whether it be one's self, your keyboard, or various pieces of furniture on which you're wanking off.

God damn, I gregged myself again! Well, at least it's not the couch this time.
by Mr. Sparky August 19, 2006
26 24
A person is gregged if they are both excessively drunk, and acting in a comically inappropriate manner.
We tried to keep him away from the naked people in the spa, but he was gregged.
by They all laughin' November 10, 2008
23 7
Synonym for 'bothered'.
I'm not gregged either way, to be honest.
by alan W September 04, 2009
10 4
To be gregged is to be ripped off, or when someone is taking the piss
Nathan got work done to his house, he got gregged
by kf28 April 13, 2009
4 2
When someone calls you Greg, even though your name is definitely not Greg.
"Hey Greg"
"My name isn't Greg, it's Sean"
"Whatever Greg"
by Igotgregged February 28, 2012
2 1
The meaning of the word Gregged comes from the Proper name Greg. A sloppy, forgetful kinda guy who's life is a total shamble, lives in celibacy and has virtually no life. In short it's all Gregged.
My life is so Gregged, I'll never recover from this job loss.
My car is gregged, My mechanic is trying to fix it.
That guy was beat up badly, His face was Gregged pretty badly.

My date was Gregged, She was a he-she...
by Drummerrrboy June 22, 2010
1 0
A guy who misses short putts!
Normally used in Disc Golf.
He Gregged that one.
by discgolferwithnoaces February 04, 2010
3 2