Greenwich is located in connecticut, richest town in country- basically everyones got mad loot, and we throw down all the time (have parties) and play ruit (game of beiruit) in umpteen million dollar houses and drive to them in lexus's and beemers and then go outside and sit on our private docks and sesh mad nuggz and then go into the cabins of our yachts and blow lizzie's to our nizzie's of white and then go sesh an L to our face. Basically were mad rich and I'll outdrink u
Mike: yo lets go swill a handle of cap. mo's
Bob: aright straight, tom got the nuggz
Tom: You know I got the hooksit son
Mike: Lets get sloppy!
Bob: Im so glad we live in Greenwich
by DrinkerBrn May 01, 2006
AKA.. 203, g-spot, g-town
Where the Veuve Cliquot and Don P flow like water, and parents liquor cabinets are never safe without a lock. Along with being the underage drinking capitol of the US, almost everybody or there friends has gotten a DUI. The high schoolers can't go through a full school day without skipping class to go smoke pot or do some other drugs. If you don't play lacrosse, squash, or sail you are considered a social outcast. And i wouldn't roll into to town without anything less then 60,000 on wheels, because people do tend to judge by appearance. You have your basic private school kid, who parties a good amount and gets drunk in million dollars houses, buying drugs from a public school kid. The public school kids are pretty damn crazy in this town, i'd have to say supplying most of the town with the drugs and having the most amount of police blotter appearances. The home where ruit was created and played by everyone who drinks.
Tommy: yo biddy, whats good?
Marissa: Let go burn an L
Tommy: I'm in the mood to get swilled
Marissa: I gotta a dutch!
Tommy: You convinced me!
Marissa: so greenwich
by Payton Sanders October 19, 2006
a rich town in Conneticutt where all the lil rich kids spend their time on the ave, and buy tiffany gifts for their friends birthdays. they wouldnt be caught dead in a polo that isnt lacoste. they all call their town GHETTO and crappy, but they really have no idea what they are talking about. so shut up.
shane: whatchya doin tonight?
kelly: i'm headin to the ave..then we're going to the club
shane: do you like my lacoste shirt?
kelly: yeah its the shit!!
shane: omg look at our school its so ghetto, they havnt even replaced our basketball hooop
kelly: yeah i know so sad, i mean its 1 year old, and jesus cant you tell.
by itsasecret April 30, 2005
A town filled with snobby coke heads.
Since most Greenwich kids never seen a black person before, they are too scared to come to Stamford, but they can still talk shit.
by fuck greenwich April 01, 2006
1)To enrage, make insane
Living in Greenwich will Greenwich you.
by superiormind June 25, 2005
in this town you will not meet someone who's house is worth less than 1 million dollars-not even at public school. most of us smoke weed and all of us drink up a storm. we all have mexicans to do our gardening, and housekeepers to clean our gigantic homes. most of us have more than one home, more than three cars, and at least one country club membership. gala benifets occur so often if it unbelivable. the high school parking lot looks like the parking lot at a 5 star hotel, and if you don't own a polo shirt, then you are considered poor. you are also considered poor if you don't belong to any clubs.
Greenwich is a bubble, and it will never break
by badassprep June 02, 2005
Greenwich is a place where everyone owns giant houses except a few down to earth people because everyone else has their heads shoved halfway up their asses. All the pussy boys play water polo and swim and all the girls play feild hockey and swim and during the summer they hang out at their rich and fancy clubs and think that their still not rich if they get called on it. Getting high and stoned at the high skool is probably the thing that most kids think will help them be cool. And most girls are total assholes and wont look at u twice unless ur ripped, ur parents are rich, u own 4 cars, belong to a club, and have three houses. Everyone in greenwich is basically a giant pussy and they are sheltered in a world and will probably get their ass kicked by the time they get into college if theyre not too stoned out to get there.
John: Hey Alex wanna come ova?
Alex: yea man we gonna smoke some nugget and listen to phish?
John: Yea bro maybe call some bitties but we got polo tomm morning
Alex: fuck that shit my parents will pay off the coach
by Shizzlepants August 21, 2005

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