a really, well most of it, if you live in cos cob, byram, or any other place like that you are not accepted, nor should you be. the black people are all frightening, and all the white people that live in those areas want to be black. POLO, everything that the non racially challeneged white people wear is polo, lacoste, abercromie or vineyard vines. greenwich is classy minus cos cob and byram, its better than darien and new canaan. at the schools in greenwich the kids are richer than the teachers and it is accepted, private jets and summer houses are nothing to get excited about, everyone "summers" in nantucket or marthas vineyard where they have summer houses, kids with houses from 1 million to 1.5 million dollars arent considered rich at all, to see houses in the paper anywhere from 15-30 million dollars isnt big news, greenwich is home to the most expensive home in connecticut it sold for over 50 million dollars (50 or 80 million canrt remeber) greenwich is a nice town, as long as you are in the right area, backcountry riverside and old greenwich oh and belle haven are mostly the only places to go other than that you will be faced with the ghetto people, that are loud and obnoxikous and are a disgrace to the town of greenwich, and yes, everyone is a stoner... everyone, kids getting high in the bathroom is nothing new, and if someone is wearing sunglasses in school you can guess why... also the most prevalent sports are water polo, lacrosse, and feild hockey if you dont do those you arent true greenwich
harry: hey ty wanna go driving my 'rents just got me my new bmw
tyler: yeah sure, its not.... a used car is it.....
harry: NO, if it were used it would ge tmy lacoste dirty, but on the other hand it would hide the smell of my pot
tyler: ok good....
tyler:where the hell are we
harry: oh no..... oh no.......... i think we are in......... byram
tyler: SHIT
haryy: lock the doors roll up the windows and look ahead dont make eyecontact
tyler: wheres our dealer....
harry: oh i got our stash in the locker room after lacrosse
tyler: ok good... last game of the season thank god school is over
harry: yeha im leaving for nantucket tomorrow for two months, god i cant stand liviing in that trash heap... it was like 2.5 million when we bought it,
tyler: thats disgusting.... the club opens next week, i cant wait
harry: thats straight any hot biddies there
tyler: you know it.............
by greenwichforlife May 02, 2005
I have read many definitions of Greenwich, CT, but none seem to be accurate. Yes, there are a couple people who wear polos all the time, but for the most part, people wear whatever they want. True, we do have our "greenwich slang" but we don't use it all the time like some of the examples in other peoples definitions. Greenwich is a small town in CT and is comfortably close to New York City. If someone wanted to go to NY they could just take the train that is located at the bottom of Greenwich Ave. The best spot to hang out in in Greenwich is Greenwich Avenue, also called "the ave". Over all, sure Greenwich does have some snobs, but honestly, what town doesn't? Greenwich is a great place to live and I'm very happy to have that privilege. Greenwich is an amazing place to live, and it really does have the best parties!
Kate: Hey, Ana, wanna go to Greenwich ave later?

Ana: I'd love to Kate!

Kate: Kay, let's call the others and we can all hang out!
#greenwich #greenwich ave #new york city #slang #parties
by GreenwichGirl95 June 28, 2010
in greenwich everyone has at least a mercedes, many have bentleys or rolls-royces. the average house if $10 million, and everyone goes on trips everywhere all the time. if you dont have a second house, or something that you dont need over 800 grand, like a bugatti or plane you are poor.
hey man my helicopters in the shop so i cant take it to my private jet, can we use one of your helicopters to take from your private helipad to the airport, or should i just take my shitty aston martin, i mean its already 7 months old!

sure man lemme go get the keys one of my pilots, the white truffles and caviar.

o thanks man i ran out of white truffles to dip in my etible gold.

o thanks for reminding me ill get the gold.

ok well my helicopters are getting pimped at helicopter of greenwich, i guess whe'll have take my rolls-royce.

awww... shit... semi-luxury.
#grenwich #greenwich ct #greenwich #rich #poor #spoiled #miller.
by hahahaay3eydbvklasbfgadsfvads April 25, 2010
most people who write definitions for greenwich dont even live here so stfu cause i do. people here dont wear lacoste or polo shirts or preppy clothes with collars like wtf what kind of style is that? i havent seen anyone with coach flats all year round, it doesnt matter if your hair is parted in the middle, and you will not be discriminated against society if you dont wear polos or have prada shoes. lots of people here shop in cheap stores like marshalls and stores where everything is a lower price. most people here arent filthy rich and live in normal sized houses. yes lots of stuff might be overpriced but that does not mean we can all afford it. people dont go to parties everyday, most people actually work for their money. i dont see tons of sports cars driving around on the streets and girls dont go around shopping all day on the avenue. i know that we might live better than other people but that doesn't mean that we are filthy snotty preppy stuck-up people who have no idea what the outside world is like. most people here are nice and if they are mean its not because they are rich. and people who are rich worked for their money they didnt just get it somehow. the stereotypes of greenwich really are hilarious. if you want to know what it is really like, not something out of a movie where everything is perfect and all the people are preppy and filthy rich, stop making up lies just come here and visit it yourself.
All of the greenwich stereotypes are not true.
#stereotypes #greenwich #stfu #if #you #haven't #been #here
by nikki1234567890 September 03, 2011
There's a lot of stereotypes on here about this town. It's hard to tell if they're being tongue-in-cheek or what. But lemme tell you, not everyone from the greenwich area is rich and overprivileged. Cos Cob, Byram, Riverside, etc. aren't exactly super fancy. Don't get me wrong, they are good areas, but not everyone in greenwich grew up in mansions. I've worked since I was 15, and that was the way it was if I wanted anything of my own, like a car or $$ to hang out. I didnt go to private school or an Ivy league college. Hell, there's even projects in Byram. Are they as scary as ones in big cities? No, of course not, but it goes to show, there are parts of this town that aren't yacht clubs and shopping boutiques. It makes me mad when i tell people where i grew up and they assume i'm a trust-fund kid. My parents immigrated to the USA and ended up in Cos Cob by chance. They didn't come from $$ they just lucked out on a cheap living situation. I moved out years ago and live in a neighborhood with normal, working class people, thank god. Snobbery does exist in a lot of greenwich, but not EVERYONE is a popped-collar, yacht-clubbing blueblood. I also haven't lived there in almost 20 years, so things were a little different when I grew up.
Greenwich is somewhere I would never, ever raise a kid, live or even hang out in, ever.
#greenwich #cos cob #byram #riverside #wealthy
by get_out_now August 26, 2008
greenwich, CT is one of the wealthiest towns in the United States, but as a person who lives in greenwich, most of these definitions are skewed and presumptuous. I don't sail, play lacrosse, wear polo's or lacoste. I am not white,and although I am the minority there is a lot of us in Greenwich, at least 90+ Argentine families, which is where i am from. There definately is the preppy group but to tell you the truth it isnt the majority of the people. While there is a lot of drug addicts and drunks in greenwich the amount of people who smoke between classes (in a school of 3,000 kids) is less than 50, and i personally have never smoked. I just wanted to give people a different view from all the ones that i have been reading which are mainly assumptions and stereotypes. The descriptions other people wrote are true in some ways but still, to a much lesser extent.
Greenwich is a town people assume is soemthing it really isnt
#money #people #town #community #biddy
by el_wacho1989 November 30, 2006
A town in Connecticut in which every body has mad money. there is swilling weekly at the amazing house parties in back country mansions. The cheapest houses are in the high hundred thousands. The most expensive are in back country or bell haven, the homes are about thirty million. Greenwich has more money than the other wealthy Connecticut towns such as Darien or New Cannan. The kids how ever aren't snobs at all, they just tend to flaunt they are from Greenwich. They don't need to say where they are from for people to know they are rich. on lookers can tell by the polo shirts, LV bags, and many more over priced... but must have items. Greenwich is tooo hottt to handle, but its where EVERYONE wants to live. I mean millionaire kids think they are poor if they dont live in back country..... GOTTA LOVE IT
a poor girls nightmare, an average girls dream, a rich girls domain..... greenwich
by aldkjfldjf May 18, 2005
rich town in fairfield county. I myself live in Greenwich, Ct. i have seen the kids abusing drugs. Yes there are many preppy toolish kids but a vast majority of the residents in Greenwich are normal and down to earth. The people here are wealthier than most but thats not the case for everyone.
kids here use words such as, (freedman), (mad), (chill), (danksauce), (get nice), (biddy).
Freedman: I LIKE IT UP THE BUTT, give me cock please
Crowd: you go do yo thang freedman of greenwich
#fagget #sick #cool #awesome #getting better #hot girl
by agatha10 May 19, 2010
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