a really, well most of it, if you live in cos cob, byram, or any other place like that you are not accepted, nor should you be. the black people are all frightening, and all the white people that live in those areas want to be black. POLO, everything that the non racially challeneged white people wear is polo, lacoste, abercromie or vineyard vines. greenwich is classy minus cos cob and byram, its better than darien and new canaan. at the schools in greenwich the kids are richer than the teachers and it is accepted, private jets and summer houses are nothing to get excited about, everyone "summers" in nantucket or marthas vineyard where they have summer houses, kids with houses from 1 million to 1.5 million dollars arent considered rich at all, to see houses in the paper anywhere from 15-30 million dollars isnt big news, greenwich is home to the most expensive home in connecticut it sold for over 50 million dollars (50 or 80 million canrt remeber) greenwich is a nice town, as long as you are in the right area, backcountry riverside and old greenwich oh and belle haven are mostly the only places to go other than that you will be faced with the ghetto people, that are loud and obnoxikous and are a disgrace to the town of greenwich, and yes, everyone is a stoner... everyone, kids getting high in the bathroom is nothing new, and if someone is wearing sunglasses in school you can guess why... also the most prevalent sports are water polo, lacrosse, and feild hockey if you dont do those you arent true greenwich
harry: hey ty wanna go driving my 'rents just got me my new bmw
tyler: yeah sure, its not.... a used car is it.....
harry: NO, if it were used it would ge tmy lacoste dirty, but on the other hand it would hide the smell of my pot
tyler: ok good....
tyler:where the hell are we
harry: oh no..... oh no.......... i think we are in......... byram
tyler: SHIT
haryy: lock the doors roll up the windows and look ahead dont make eyecontact
tyler: wheres our dealer....
harry: oh i got our stash in the locker room after lacrosse
tyler: ok good... last game of the season thank god school is over
harry: yeha im leaving for nantucket tomorrow for two months, god i cant stand liviing in that trash heap... it was like 2.5 million when we bought it,
tyler: thats disgusting.... the club opens next week, i cant wait
harry: thats straight any hot biddies there
tyler: you know it.............
by greenwichforlife May 02, 2005
A town in Connecticut about which certain people who don't live there love to make generalizations in order to feel better about (or simply mask) how white, privileged, racist, and stuck up they themselves are.

Greenwich is actually home to a wide variety of people. Its working class quarried the stones that built the Brooklyn Bridge. Greenwich residents have served in all America's major wars from the Revolution to Iraq. In fact, a Greenwich man was the first American soldier to die in World War I.

Sure, I could go on a long rant about the town's many faults, but it's home. Unless you've lived there, shut the fuck up.
"Wow - everyone who lives in Greenwich evidently rides flying Ferraris made of solid gold mined by African children and powered by the tears of displaced Native Americans. Guess I can absolve myself of all my white guilt now."
by Dusty N May 01, 2008
People always talk about how this town is filled with rich spolied bitches. But take it from me yeah we might have a bit more money and our parents do have big jobs but why do we have to be penilized for that. I know that growing up in greenwich and not feeling like your fitting in can be tough... but the truth is that you just feel that way. i know that i am always nice to everybody all the new kids, kids who dress diffrent, people who dont have as many friends ect. Im just a normal kid who is growing up with alot of advantages in my life but i really am just that same as everyone else. There has to be a reason why everyone wants to live here and why it has become so expensive right? well to me i think its because everyone is so friendly, nice, caring and most people care more about others than themselfs. We dont get into collages because our "daddy" pays them off we work our asses off! and if anything our parents push school work more than anything because they want to see us suceed just like anybody else in the world. Although alot of kids do drugs not everyone does adn anyone can accept that fact. Its not that impossible to be diffrent in this kind of lifesytle. all types of people are accepted here.Its time sterotyping us stops because its getting a little pathetic
hey, i met a girl from greenwich and i really like her!

well dude shes from greenwich... you know that it wont last

whats that soposed to mean shes a nice girl just like everyone else?
by Nothing!!!!!!! June 07, 2007
A Town on the East Coast that is extremely close to New York City. Many of the kids who go there are excessivally good looking, have rich or famous parents, and own everything they want. You do not exsist if you do not consistantly wear ralph lauren or lacoste polos, and if you do not use the correct launguage while interacting, then nothing will make sense to the people you are talking to. (Language consists of the phrases "mad" "chill" and "straight". Often kids will be sent off to boarding school due to bad behavior, and then kicked out since boarding school suplys more drugs than a rich g-wich kid can ask for. During the summer if you do not sail or travel around the world then you most likely belong to a rich summer club (or rocky point) that has either golf, tennis, or sailing. Depending on who you involve yourself with, you could get nice friends, or friends who will always be your enemies. (also, parties are off the hook)The most popular sport is water polo (mainly for boys) and most all the water polo boys are exremely gorgeous and are excessive stoners.
Sebastian: That dude didnt pop his coller today, his polo wasn't even lacoste or ralph lauren
Dylon: Dude thats not straight, lets pop him at lunch after we hit that joint
Sebastian:Shyea dude, that sounds mad chill
Laura: Excuse me bitches but that doesn't seem right, i give him points for at least layering the nantucket red and sailboat yellow
Guys: True True that chick has a pretty heavy reason...thats chill
Sebastian and Dylon: Tall blondes with aviators and rainbows, IQ ranges from 55-75 points
Laura: Gorgeous girl who gets every guy she wants, blonde too and matches polos with everything.....chill
by lmcl April 28, 2005
a wealthy town in connecticut. stereotyped to have stuck up and ignorant residents, but in reality people here are pretty normal. definitions here are exaggerated and if you haven't been here, stfu.
guy1: ew that kid's from greenwich. he must wear ralph lauren, have three houses, get stoned often, and own a yacht.
guy2: fail.
by steph<33 January 25, 2009
A place in London, England that all the worlds time is centered around (GMT-greenwich meantime).
British summertime is when the clocks are put forward.
Greenwich is (GMT)
France is (GMT +1)
by your_lady_disdain August 31, 2008
The short definition: A mostly wealthy town in southern Connecticut, United States.
But there is more: Coming from a person who lives in Greenwich, I know it is not the way it is commonly perceived by the public. Many people believe EVERYone in G-wich is a stuck-up snob, that plays LAX or field hockey, that has beach houses, and who lives in a gigantore house. But that is not the case. Although it is true that a lot of people are like this, most of the people are just middle class people, trying to get along in life. Our public high school is filled with preppy white people, but there are some people that are other races that aren't rich. Probably more than you'd think. Also, our school district is very successful in academics and sports. So basically the stereotype of Greenwich, that it is a snobby town filled with rich pricks, is not completely true.
Ryan: When I was growing up, I lived in Greenwich, CT, but I was not rich and I didn't play LAX.
by Rmort June 06, 2010
A small town in Connecticut. Everyone is so stereotypical of this town, and seriously, 1 out of 25 people is actually "typical greenwich." Sure, maybe the people who live here like nice things, but we can't help the way we're brought up. And the whole town is not full of "McMansions," it actually has normal houses. And the people here are normal too. Reading the other things on this website about Greenwich made me want to hurt someone. That is so not okay to write about someones home town. I have lived here my whole life, and I can honestly say I love it, and I AM pretty down to Earth. So stop being so rude, and stop being so hypocritical. You make me want to cry when you say those things. Honestly, NOT OKAY AT ALL.
Where do you live?
I live in Greenwich, Ct.
Oh, so you're a brat?
Oh, well you're a really cool person and not what I thought someone from Greenwich would be at all!
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