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Greenwich Ebonics is the unofficial slang language spoken in Greenwich, Connecticut. Well-used and popular within Greenwich High School, Greenwich's 2,700-student public senior high school, this language is virtually impossible to understand unless you are from greenwich.
Here are some key terms:

biddy- slightly derogatory slang term for a girl
dank- awesome/powerful; potent
get nice- to succeed or be talented at something
hooksit- used in a variety of ways...
mad- used like "chill", or "cool"
nugs- joints/drugs
swilled- drunk

to further understand this puzzling language, check out this mad video by copying and pasting the following link into your browser. it gets nice, biddy. ("Greenwich Ebonics" is in the short films category)
I speak greenwich ebonics: "let's get mad swilled with some biddies tonight."
- "Hooksit, man. I got some dank nugs with me. let's get mad nice".
#greenwitch ebonics #greenwich high school #ghs #get nice #hooksit
by biddyin_gtown June 11, 2006
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