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It's a small town. Everyone knows everyone and everybody's business. One sole definition of Greensburg would be Anna Polsinelli. The entire town knows her. Wing nights are huge in Greensburg. It is like a reunion once a week for everyone. You cannot do anything in this town and get away with it.
Girls hook up with other people's boyfriends and get beat up and then all the mothers find out about it. SMALL TOWN

People go to college but still talk to their greensburg people everyday! They will all marry within greensburg!
by psu virgin May 10, 2006
A place where people have no lives. Everyone, even if they are to travel out of Greensburg, only talk about everyone else, because they have no life. A place full of liars and ostentatious tan girls with big butts. They choose to live in a fantasy high-school world for the rest of their life. Mothers are usually in everyone's business and like to drown little children with their lack of know-how and poor vocabulary. Most people in Greensburg are destined to live and die there. Too bad, so sad.
Guy: Hey, whats up where are you from?

Girl: Greensburg. I love it there. Let me tell you all about my high school drama
Guy: Ew. Nevermind. Get away from me gross girl.
by MTNEERCO14 December 19, 2011
when a person or group of people try to say a witty comeback to someone that was dissing them already but makes no sense at all or further establishes their stupidity, it's referred to as "pulling a greensburg" or "that's so greensburg."
"You lost in the sectional finals game again to the same team for the third year in a row!"
"Yeah well you will choke it in the next round like you always do."
"You've never even been to the next round because you've lost to us every time. Wow, you just pulled a greensburg real bad."
by Flintstone3 April 03, 2007
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