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Involves constant throwing up and feeling extreme nausea and dizzyness for the rest of the night, possibly with continued vomiting later on. In more extreme cases, the person in question may experience hallucinations.

Occurs when someone smokes a lot of marijuana in a short period of time. Common amongst those who want to prove their masculinity somehow by smoking large amounts, usually through peer pressure.

Usually ruins the night for everyone else, as it means they must look after them and take them home. So people who green out often aren't very popular with the rest of the dope heads.
Person 1 : "Wheres he going? Oh no, he's greening out."
Person 2 : "For fucks sake, not again."
by OiOiBoy July 01, 2006
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Makes you feel like shit for the whole night;

Makes you pray to god that you'll never smoke weed again,

Makes you say sorry to the person taking care of you, because you know in your head you just sobered them up & ruined their night,

Makes you feel like you're falling into quick sand, and your hand movements seem amaizing.

Makes you question if you've fried your brain, and this will never go away, and you'll live like a vegetable for the rest of your life.

J:"Yo man yo man yo man I think I'm greening out"
M:"No no no!"
by JTP18 January 18, 2009
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TO pass out from smoking too much weed
did i smoking so much weed i am greening out tonight
by itokeweed August 14, 2009
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