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a person who is concerned about conservation of the environment; environmentalist. Also spelled greeny.
A group of greenies has taken out a rally demanding closure of crusher factories on the countryside.
by uttam maharjan May 01, 2012
1. (noun) an excuse for not performing up to standards. 2. Someone who always has an excuse for not running well.
I would have totally got a pr in the half, but the wind was a greenie.

The course was short! The course was hilly. It was hot. It was windy. I got strep. I hurt my ankle -- Man don't be a greenie.
by D. W. Runango November 09, 2008
Some who asks a lot of dumb, pointless questions and is really annoying.
the Greenie group in Mr. S' 3rd period math class
by JX Dubs February 27, 2009
A racial epithet for celery, specifically created to malign celery in a blender.
"Fuckin greenies!"

"Go back home, I'm not payin your taxes!"
by sirchrissypoo April 14, 2010
A green cigar
(Dutch Masters with the green tobacoo leaf)
"Hey can you run down to the gas station and pick me up a greenie?"
by Kitten420 June 22, 2005
An Irish person, or anyone from around the UK.
Did you see that Greenie drink??!!
by BCEagles27 March 28, 2007
its weed people! pot! grass! ganja! yet another word for cannabis!

the green plant, that you have green days with!

*sighs* there are too many different words for this.

and, please, dont spell it greeny. unless your jamie.

also, you smoke it from a joint/spliff or a bong or w/e. it is not as bad as stuffy people make it out to be.
*points at weed/pot*
this is my greenie. do not touch it.

*other person tries to thief it*
*ninja attack*
by Lyddy Cool October 24, 2006