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a truly LARGE lube condom that comes in packs of 12 and has a reservoir tip
J.R. J.:first condom I ever used that didn't feel too tight.And they never break.
Suzie:i get a wide-on just looking at the Green Trojan box!!!!
Nanci:oh,fuck me hard with your green trojan!!!!
by J.R. J. March 15, 2004
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(she) when he came at me wearing a green Trojan I knew he was gonna stretch me.
(he) since I started using green Trojans with a couple of drops of lube in the tip I hardly know I've got a condom on.

(these slip off lesser men; if you don't really NEED a LARGE, then don't rely on this for birthcontrol. She'll probably find it in her underwear the next day.)
by Jake February 20, 2004
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