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Green grenn;Weed - marijuana. ALSO: sticky green, leaf, grass, hydro, hydro green-green, buddha, reefer, chief, chronic, cigaweed.
Man, he got fly ass hydro green-green
by disturbed May 06, 2004

Simply put as a Spanish slang term, this expression means money.
Julio's on his cell phone, he calls his local dope dealer(ldd).

Julio: ¿Hola, como stas? (Hi, how are you?)
LDD: ¿Stoy bein, que pasa? (I'm fine, what's up?)
Julio: Necesito algo. (I need something.)
LDD: No se si puedo ahora. (I'm not sure if I can right now.)
Julio: Tengo ese "Green Green". (I have that green green.)
LDD: ¿Orale, Donde stas? (Alright great, where are you?)
by iPollesion June 18, 2008
a different waying of saying money
Lends me some greengreen ill hit ya back on the first my brother
by Vanessa February 27, 2005
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