A dream that is highly effected by the fact that you are high while you're going to sleep
Damn I had the craziest green dream last night...
#weed #high #dream #smoke #sleep
by intrueglory October 09, 2010
Top Definition
The state of mind and disconnection from reality that can eventuate when smoking marijuana. In rare cases can occur without the use of the drug.
T: Hey Cam you keen to watch the All Blacks tonight?
Dan: He can't hear you dude, he's in the green dream.
Cam: wha.....sorry guys I just had the maddest idea!
#dreaming green #green vision #weed #marijuana #cannabis
by Zoster & Manus February 20, 2009
Euphemism for putting a pet out of its misery.
Skipper got run over by a lorry, so the vet had to send him to the green dream. Never really liked dogs anyway.
#euthanasia #suicide #hamster #gas #vet
by Parsefone October 13, 2006
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