Green is a secondary colour made from the primary colours, Blue and Yellow.
Blue: The colour of the sky on a clear day.
Yellow: The colour of the sun.
Mixed together=
Green: Living grass, trees or any other nature. Especially in Tasmanian Rainforests....
Green is an awesome colour!

(No Americans, not color, colour!)
*Looks at strict principals back garden next door* Wow, the grass really is greener on the other side.
Person:Green is an awesome colour, the colour of mother nature!
Person 2: Ikr! It's an amazing natural, calm and soothing irish, lucky colour.
by MrsGreenPattinsonSpelling Nerd September 30, 2012
green simply means feeling horny or sexually aroused when your with your significant other. green makes you happy and very friendly ;)

made by kim & ola.
damn im mad green right now, are you? damn i've been green all day, let me pipe alreaddddy.
by olaa :) January 19, 2011
verb: to snake. To be green is to do somethig snake like, for example, going after or pursuing a female object that you know deep down has been owned before, but you dont care. To be green is sometimes confused with being black, but this is a mistake. Being black is a whole different kind of story.
whatchuuu doin dawg, i saw you being green with her.
by thundernewt April 06, 2010
a word that when thrown on a product label drives up the price by at least 300%. helps people feel better about driving suburbans and hummers.
try our new green paper. its made from trees so it helps the enviroment!
by Chris0123 December 04, 2008
1. a color 2. a term for nausea 3. a word that assholes use to describe any ostentatious effort to aid the environment.
1. Look, that car is green! 2. Man, I feel green. 3. Hey guys, I'm an asshole cause I'm going green!
by izack!!! April 22, 2008
Another word for marijuana of all types and quality.
by silverfucked July 07, 2003
I want her boyfriend so much I'm turning green.
by bonnie May 10, 2003

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